Steven Paul Roberts – Director – Mountain Leader

Steven was born in Plymouth. He represented his school in various sports, but his speciality was long distance running and cross country. Upon leaving school, Steven joined Air Movements in the Royal Air Force, and as a result, travelled far and wide. Most of his overseas trips were to the Mediterranean, and, amongst others, he served in Cyprus 1973-74, followed by Malta in 1979. It was during his time with the Royal Air Force that Steven developed an interest in the 'Great Outdoors', and he subsequently spent a good deal of time on Dartmoor.

When Steven left the Royal Air Force, he joined British Aerospace for a period of time, and worked in the weapons division dealing with several overseas contracts to various countries around the world. During this time, he continued to participate in sports, and developed his experience in walking around Britain. Steven eventually left British Aerospace and moved to Talgarth in the Black Mountains of Wales. From there, he moved to Brecon, at the centre of the Brecon Beacons and the very heart of Wales. Both of these places offered the oppotunity to walk extensively, and of course there was beautiful Snowdonia to the North of Wales.

It was not long before the call of the Royal Air Force tempted him once more, and in 2003 he went back to the military for another 4 years, joining movements once more, and sometimes flying as supernumerary aircrew in the Herculese transport aircraft. Many times during this period, he was involved in taking personnel on trips to the mountains, and it was something he enjoyed very much.

Steven has spent the last 7 years planning SPR Expeditions, and for the last 4 years has successfully run an Oxford based expedition club. To date, he has led groups all over Great Britain and has a 100 percent safety record. This is due to careful and methodical planning, along with instilling in everybody taking part, the importance of working as a team.
With SPR Expeditions, Steven has made sure that each expedition has its own unique features, but at the same time, ensures a common structure, which is designed to meet three objectives:-
1 - To provide information about the landscape and known history of the expedition route
2 - To give the opportunity for participants to exercise to their chosen level of activity
3 - To ensure a safe excursion, taking into consideration the ability of participants and local conditions at the time of the expedition.
Steven hopes that, by achieving these objectives, he will provide an enjoyable and stimulating experience for all participants.
SPR Expeditions is based at Millets Farm, Kingston Road, Frilford, Oxfordshire, OX13 5HB. He hopes that he can bring the wild places of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland directly to you, and thus tempt you to join him visiting those same places.
Steven and the whole team at SPR Expeditions look forward to meeting you soon, either expeditioning or as a member socially.